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why be a counselor?

Being a Walden counselor is a big responsibility. Counseling requires a significant time commitment, and it can be unpredictable and stressful at times. However, most counselors find that being a part of Walden is very rewarding, for several reasons:

  • Chances are, if you are at all interested in applying to Walden, it is because you care about providing support to others in the Yale community. Whether you are passionate about a specific issue or simply feel that your listening skills shouldn’t go to waste, Walden is an excellent way to reach out to those around you.
  • The strengths and techniques that you will develop through the training process and your counseling experiences will be applicable in countless areas of your life. You will learn interpersonal skills that are hard to acquire anywhere else, and these will be invaluable in your personal life and future career, no matter where your interests lie.
  • You will meet a group of fun, friendly, dedicated, and enthusiastic people. Because Walden counselors know the value of giving support to others, they are some of the best people to have in your life. They are often people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, because they come from all walks of Yale life.

recruitment process

Recruitment takes place in the spring of each academic year. The application process involves a written component and interview, and applicants are evaluated on the content of their written application, their counseling skills, and their ability to meet the necessary time commitments. Unfortunately, not everyone who is qualified can be accepted as a Walden counselor, as our group is limited in size.

who should apply?

If you are interested, you should apply! Walden counselors are unpaid volunteers and must be Yale undergraduates who have completed at least one year at Yale. Beyond that, there is no specific type of person we are looking for, since we want our staff to be comprised of diverse, interesting people who can collectively bring many different perspectives to their work. Some of the qualities that are useful in peer counseling are being compassionate, personable, nonjudgmental and a good listener.

how can i apply?

Our application is now open! You can fill out our application here

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email Walden at