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Walden Peer Counseling is an anonymous and confidential hotline and walk-in peer counseling service staffed by Yale undergraduates. We are available to talk about anything that's on your mind. We are open every weekday and weekend night during the academic year when classes are in session; the hotline operates from 8pm to 8am every night. Our office, in the Welch B basement, is open from 8pm to 1am Sunday through Thursday. The number for the hotline is (203) 432-TALK (203-432-8255).

If you have any questions about Walden, please call (203) 432-TALK any night between 8pm and 8am during the academic year, email us at walden.counseling@gmail.com, or email our adviser, Debra Gregory at debra.gregory@yale.edu.

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how to reach us

For counseling services:

  • Dial (203) 432-TALK (2-8255 from a campus phone)
For information on our programs or applying to become a counselor:
   • Email walden.counseling@gmail.com